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    "Ugorskaja takes her time with transitional phrases, opens up textures, hangs back, and seemingly lets the music develop in a natural way. These aren't interpretations that call attention to themselves, but they're beautiful". 

    (James Mahneim about the CD-Recording of opp. 90, 101, 109 & 110. - Full text)

    Audiophile Audition, 17.December 2012

    "Ugorskaja definitely brings majesty and poetry to bear on two of Beethoven’s most daunting sonatas".

    (Gary Lemco about the CD-Recording of opp. 106 & 111. - Full text)

    Eleonore Büning, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Issue 22.12.2012)

    "Holy song" (About the CD-Release of Beethoven's piano sonatas op. 106 and op. 111)

    The pianist Dina Ugorskaja has released her fourth solo album. Late Beethoven sonatas are always a huge risk, but she masters them thanks to her intelligence and a fine pair of hands.


    The huge range of hues and nuances of expression Ugorskaja presents <...> are technically breathtaking. And there is not a trace of mannerism or capriciousness... She knows how to combine surprising force with tender warmth, to shape each detail supremely well, and at the same time to tell the whole story. The rhythmic precision and the momentum, the way she shapes the repeated pauses and endures the contradictions in the Scherzo are also astounding. One is quite loath to hear the enormous Adagio sostenuto, which should be played “with passion and great feeling”, played in any other way: as a luminous, holy song.